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Welcome to our online order & collect shop.

This facility offers you the ability to order your favorite products online and collect in-store.

How To Order:

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Water Still 1.5 LitreWater Still 1.5 Litre
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Vineyard Mediterranean Style MixVineyard Mediterranean Style Mix
Carrots, Butternut, Green Beans, Baby Marrow, Onions, Mix Peppers
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PlaceholderWalnuts Halves100g R32.95
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PlaceholderWeekend Argus R23.49
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WeetbixWeetbix 450g R33.95
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Wholegrain Wraps 6 packWholegrain Wraps 6 pack R52.96
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Angus X-Large Eggs 6Angus X-Large Eggs 6
Medium outdoor eggs. GMO Free
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PlaceholderBio Multi Purpose Bag R20.95
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Cling Wrap Roll CompostableCling Wrap Roll Compostable
Biodegradable 305mm wide, 30 meters perforated every 300mm
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PlaceholderPesto Coriander & Chilli 130g R59.50
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PlaceholderPesto Basil Pesto 130g R59.50
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PlaceholderCorn Tortilla
Gluten free, Packs of 10
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Wheat-Free and Gluten-free Pancake mixFlapjack Classic 375g
Wheat-Free and Gluten-free Pancake mix
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PlaceholderOlives Black Country Herb 425g R58.95
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PlaceholderFrozen Ass Berries 350g R48.95
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Angus Eggs X-large 18Angus Eggs X-Large 18
Outdoor eggs. GMO free
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Eggs Jumbo 6Eggs Jumbo 6
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Eggs Extra Large 18Eggs Extra Large 18
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