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(021) 914 3915 Corner of Tygerbergvalley Road and Mildred Road. Kenridge Centre. Durbanville. 7550

The Vineyard Deli has been home to the food lovers of the Northern Suburbs for over 10 years.

This delightful continental shopping experience was founded by Linda & Manny das Neves and Lino Ribeiro in 2004, their main aim then was to create a Great Place filled with Great Food, and it remains the premise for what it stands for. Service, friendliness and memorable eating and shopping experiences is what makes the Vineyard Deli.

Always Fresh, Always Happy
Produce is handpicked from farms and transported directly to our shelves, ensuring that veggies are always ready and fresh!
Organic products are collected weekly from our hand selected and vetted organic farmers – allowing you peace of mind.
Our selection of Artisan breads are made from stone ground flour, all are preservatives and additives free … and baked the old fashioned way.

Banting made Easy
A large variety of Banting products are available for you. This includes Banting Breads, Crackers, Cauliqueen Products, Dairy, Oils and More!
There is also a great selection of Gluten and Wheat free products that make the weekly dinner menu that much easier to design!

Ready. Set. Go
Our homemade cooked foods and salads made by our in-house Chef make your busy life so much easier. Grab something delicious on your way home from work that will delight the entire family!
The Deli counter is run by our friendliest staff that will help you explore our range of German and Italian cold meats and a variety of cheeses.

Chef’s Choice
Try our delicious Portuguese Prego Roll 😉

The Cafè
We strive for our customers to enjoy the best personal shopping experience with a large variety of exclusive products.

Your Vineyard Deli experience is a combination of daily fresh food shopping and a quick (or long) cup of coffee catch up with family or friends.
All under one roof!

Great Food, Great Place…

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